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Technology Distance Education Projects

A Statewide Distance Education Plan - The Iowa Communications Network (ICN):
This project involved the development of a comprehensive distance education strategic plan for the state of Iowa. As a consequence of this plan, the state of Iowa now has a sophisticated 3000-mile fiber optics network for distance education. Associates participated in committees that oversaw the strategic planning, design, and development of this network including the construction of high technology distance education classrooms in schools, libraries, universities, and government offices. The ICN was funded using over $400 million in public funds.

Implementing Distance Education on a Statewide Basis - The Iowa Distance Education Alliance
This project provided distance educators with tools and techniques for distance education. Associates wrote proposals for grant money to effectively utilize the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). The Iowa Communications Network is Iowa's fiber optics network with over 600 high technology classrooms connected to a fiber optics network. Associates participated in the planning of the development of this network, and were instrumental in obtaining over $16 million in U.S. Department of Education grants to expand the network, construct classrooms, train educators, and conduct research and evaluation. Associates of RTS were responsible for managing approximately $2 million during the period from 1994 and 1998. The Technology Research and Evaluation Group, now TRE-S, was responsible for teacher training, project evaluation, and course development for distance education.

Specific activities included:

  • Grant Writing and Grant Administration
  • Strategic Planning for Distance Education
  • Fiscal Planning for Telecommunications and Distance Education
  • Administration of Distance Education Enterprises
  • Development of Management Plans for Distance Education and Instructional Technology
  • Development and Implementation of Formative and Summative Evaluation
  • Consulting with Schools, Colleges, and Agencies to Develop Distance Education Strategies
  • Courseware Development for Telecommunications and the WWW
  • Staff Development/Training for Teaching at a Distance
Iowa/US WEST Teacher Technology Project
This project prepared educators to use distance education. Associates participated in the planning, operation, and evaluation of this $1.2 million project funded by the US WEST Foundation, part of US WEST, a telecommunications provider serving 15 states in the northwest area of the United States. The Iowa/US WEST Teacher Technology Project prepared educators to use telecommunications technologies, and to develop courseware for teaching distant learners.

Cost Effectiveness of Distance Education Systems
This project evaluated various technologies for distance education to determine the relative cost effectiveness of each. This project, coordinated and managed by associates, developed a profile of various telecommunications technologies including satellite, microwave, compressed video, and fiber optics in order to determine the relative costs and comparative effectiveness of each. This project also developed a plan for, and costs of, distance education classrooms.

Distance Education in Zimbabwe
This project assisted faculty and staff from the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe in using distance education strategies. Associates participated in training and development for educators affiliated with the University of Zimbabwe who were involved in distance education. Associates worked in Zimbabwe to assist faculty and staff from the University who were planning to use distance education.

Higher Institute for Government Cooperation (HIAC) - Distance Education and Technology Utilization in Egypt
This project was to develop strategic plans for technology use, including distance education. Associates worked with faculty and staff from the HIAC, an institution of higher education in Cairo, Egypt. A master plan for technology and distance education was developed.